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Breach of contract

We represented a prominent Italian fashion designer that was sued in New York by a large fashion company that sought a preliminary injunction to enforce an employment contract containing a provision for the turnover of our client's trademark and a covenant not-to-compete. Had the contract been enforced, our client would not have been allowed to work for 2 years, lost her trademark and existing client. We prevailed on all counts and kept our client in business.

Consumer Fraud

Our client purchased an exotic automobile from one of the biggest luxury car dealerships in New Jersey. However, the dealership refused to provide a permanent license plate because they could not locate the car's title. This left our client with a beautiful car—that was illegal to drive. After out intervention, the dealership reconstructed the car's title from Germany, and paid our client damages as well as his attorneys' fee.

Criminal defense

Our client was charged with attempted murder and unlawful possession of a weapon for allegedly shooting his wife. After almost three years and countless Court hearings, motions, and psychiatric examinations of our client, the Court dismissed the indictment with prejudice on Constitutional grounds.

Internet Law

We sued a well-known Internet Service Provider in Federal Court after they ignored our initial demand for them to take down a website containing defamatory information. Later, the case was settled with the ISP agreeing to completely remove the defamatory website from its server, and pay for our Court costs and attorney fees.

Immigration Litigation

Our client had an application for Adjustment of Status pending for over 15 months. While waiting for her Green Card, she could not find a job. We filed a complaint in Federal Court for a Writ of Mandamus, seeking to compel USCIS to adjudicate our client's case. After filing the case, the attorney for the U.S. government reached out to USCIS, and our client got her Green Card in a few days after we settled the case.

Criminal Defense

In a high-profile, federal criminal case venued in the Southern District of Florida, the United States Government wiretapped and intercepted thousands of telephone conversations, searched hundreds of emails, and used multiple informants to investigate our client's alleged participation in an international drug trafficking and money laundering ring. The Government charged our client with several crimes including citizenship and marriage fraud conspiracies. We aggressively defended our client's civil rights by filing motions to suppress evidence and dismiss. While the motions were pending, the distinguished US Attorney of the Organized Crime Section dismissed all charges against our client, as well as the other four co-defendants.

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